Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is never flat..this is not by Chit*to but by rennyhoo


This is my life..
my emptiness..

it began in 2009,
when I feel the toughest problems I've ever experienced in my life. During that time, there is one that I forget and I regret to this day ..
I'm further away from God, I was angry when I see myself ruined,, at the same instant I felt doing the greatest sin in my life ..
I'm conscious of it, but I'm still angry
Right now I want to wake up, I want to forget the past, I want to forget because I do not want to keep a sense of revenge in my heart ..
but I still can not forget that ..
I always begged me to get even forget about this ..
I want to choose you Ya Allah ..
but I do not know how to chose from in selecting the story of my life ..
until now I do not know how to really choose you ..

The theory that I know Life is worship
When you have a problem that is stifling the same caution when you're not aware of the arrival of a very precious gift of God is Life Lessons

The lesson of life that says that I must keep moving
I have grown
I can not always sad to hear what they say
I always cry, but I can not cry lamenting the problems of my life
I have to cry to apologize for all the sins I have done ..
Forgive me  Ya Allah. Forgive me .. Forgive me Mom .. Sorry
I do not want to be like this
I want to be happy

So.. jangan pernah nyerah pada keadaanmu sampai saat ini. Teruslah berjalan sesuai kata hatimu tanpa berhenti berdoa..